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Health Care Law Areas of Practice

The following is a listing of some of the types of projects and issues that our health care practice area is able to provide.

Physician and Physician Group Representation
Practice Sale and Purchase
Practice Mergers
Provider Employment Agreements
Physician Compensation
Group Practice Structure
In-Office Ancillary Services
Physician Autonomy Issues
Provider Licensing
Healthcare Technology
Physician Practice Corporate Law
Retirement Plans
Provider Based Physician Relationships
Compliance Programs and Discipline
Managed Care Contracting
Medical Staff Credentialing
Health Care Fraud and Abuse
Fraud and Abuse Self Disclosure
Anti-Kickback and Stark Compliance
Provider Compensation Plans
Healthcare Technology Integration
Patient Information Privacy Issues
Physician Compensation
Stark Law
Tax Exempt Laws
Call Coverage
Medical Director Payments
Retention Payments
Recruitment Programs
Kickback Laws
Quality and Outcomes Based Comp
Integrated Delivery Systems
Accountable Care Organizations
Integrated Groups and Systems
Independent Practice Associations
Physician/Hospital Organizations
Single Specialty Group Practices
Multi-Specialty Group Practices
Antitrust Compliance in Integration
Structuring Organizations
Creating Clinical Mechanisms
Healthcare Information Technology
Electronic Medical Record
Open Source Systems
Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Review
Data Usage Licensing Agreements
Privacy and Security Compliance
Healthcare Software Licensing
Healthcare Software Companies
Mergers and Acquisitions
Strategic Partnerships
Venture Capital
Public Financings
Licensing Partnerships
Business Transactions & Organizations
Hospital Acquisitions
Facility Sale and Acquisition
Provider Mergers and Acquisitions
Leases Between Providers
Financing Transactions
Affiliations and Strategic Partnerships
Licensure and Reimbursement Issues
Regulatory Impact On Transactions
Pre-Closing Self Disclosure Issues
Joint Ventures
Hospital, Skilled Nursing Facility and Other Provider Acquisitions
Physician Practice Organizations
Syndication of Hospitals to Physician Ownership
Development of Integrated Delivery Systems
Management Service Organization Transactions
Regulatory Compliance Advice
Formation and Licensure of Provider-Based Health Plans
Formation of Practice Management Companies
Debt and Equity Financings
Healthcare Due Diligence
Obtaining and Maintaining Tax Exempt Status
For Profit and Nonprofit Tax Planning
Tax Exempt Status Issues
Development of Non-Profit Medical Foundations
Medical Office Building Acquisition and Development
Hospital-Based Physician Contracts
Hospital Service Management Agreements
Medical Directorship Agreements
Hospital Affiliations
Antitrust Issues
Corporate, partnership restructurings
Anti-Kickback, Self-Referral
Corporate Practice of Medicine Issues
Employment Contracts
Real and Personal Property Leases
Real Estate Acquisitions
Health Care Fraud and Abuse
Compliance Planning and Operation
Anti-Kickback Statute Compliance
Transactional Aspects
Government Investigations
Upcoding and DRG Creep Issues
Civil Money Penalty Defense
Overpayment Defense
Self Disclosure
Corporate Integrity Agreements
RAC Appeals
Self Referral Analysis, Compliance and Defense
Health Care Contracting
Employment Contracts
Recruitment Contracts
Managed Care Contracts
Independent Contractor Arrangements
Joint Ventures
Business Associate Agreements
Coverage Agreements
Medical Director Agreements
Office Sharing Agreements
Management Agreements
Professional Services Agreement
Service Line Management Agreements
Ancillary Services Agreements
Facility Leases
Pharmacy Services Agreements
EHR License and Agreements
Consulting Agreements
PA Delegation Agreements
Residency Agreements
Shareholder Agreements
Physician Recruitment Agreements
Compliance Plan Structure and Operation
Medicare and Medicaid Payment and Coverage
Defense of Civil or Criminal Fraud and Abuse Audits and Investigations
Internal Compliance Policies
Compliance Program Structure and Operation
Fraud and Abuse Cases
Anti-kickback and Self-Referral Issues
Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) appeals
Internal Audits and Investigations
False Claims Act Defense
Criminal and Civil Investigations
Federal and State Fraud and Abuse Allegations
Anti-kickback Allegations
Self-Referral Analysis
Negotiating Corporate Integrity Agreements
Voluntary Disclosures to Government
Overpayment Issues
Institutional and Practitioner Compliance
Hospital/Medical Staff Relationships
Medical Staff Bylaws
Joint Commission Compliance
Disruptive Practitioner Issues
Peer Review Activities
Denial of Medical Staff Privileges
Database Reporting Issues
Medical Staff Disputes
Health Care Technology
Electronic Health Information
Meaningful Use Issues
Technology Licensing Issues
System Maintenance Agreements
Software Agreements
Hardware Acquisition
Data Breaches and Security
Telemedicine Implementation
Legislative Regulatory Policy
Health Care Reform
Medicaid Reimbursement
Medicaid State Plan Amendments
Physician Self-Referral Matters
Fraud and Abuse Guidelines
Special Project Funding Legislation
Hospital Licensure Amendments
Regulatory Enforcement Procedures
Access to Records
Regulation Interpretation
HIPAA and other Privacy Issues
CLIA Licensing and Compliance
Biologics Licensing
Clinical Trial Compliance
Trade Secrets
Unfair Competition
Commercial and Contract Disputes
Licensing issues
Litigation, Mediation, Arbitration
Managed Care Litigation
Collections by Health Plans
Alleged Overpayments by Payors
Contract Interpretation
Disputes Between Physicians and IPAs
Disputes Between Physicians And Medical Groups
Risk Pool Disputes
Breach Of Contract
Partnership, Corporate And Joint Venture Disputes
Antitrust And Unfair Competition Claims
False Claims Act Cases
Medical Staff Investigations
Peer Review Hearings, And Litigation
Director And Officer Liability Claims
Intellectual Property Disputes
Real Property Litigation
Insurance Coverage Disputes
Treatment Decisions And Discharge Issues
Independent Practice Association/Medical Group/HMO Disputes
Employment Litigation
Civil Rights Issues
Provider/Vendor Disputes
Administrative Proceedings
Long-Term Care
Medicare And Medicaid Reimbursement
Regulatory Compliance
Governmental Investigations
Licensing And Certification
Governmental Investigations And Prosecutions
Regulatory And Legislative Advocacy And Litigation
Trade Association Representation
Strategic Planning And Expansion Projects
Acquisitions And Financings
Joint Venture
Management Relationships
Skilled Nursing And Assisted Living Facilities
Buy, Sell, And Lease
Medicare And Medicaid Reimbursement Issues
Licensing And Certification
Defending Facilities
Governmental Investigations
Regulatory Advocacy
Partnership And Employment Contracts
Managed Care Relationships
Development Of Compliance Plans
Managed Care
Disputes With Health Plans, Insurers, Preferred Provider Organizations
Arbitration, Mediation And Negotiation
Non-Payment Or Underpayment Of Claims
Contract Interpretations
Medicare & Medicaid
Shared Savings Programs
Hospital Incentive Programs
Reimbursement Issues
Medicare’s Provider Reimbursement Review Board
Recovery Audit Contractor (Rac) Appeals
Medicare Disputes
Medicare Prospective Payment System Disputes
Medicaid Payment Disputes
Individual Provider Payment Disputes
Incident To Billing | Freestanding And Outpatient Department
Under Arrangement Deals
Pharmaceuticals, Life Science And Health Technology
Fraud & Abuse Law
Defense Of Civil And Criminal Allegations
Government Information Requests
Provider Contracting And Contract Disputes
Medicare & Medicaid Drug Pricing
Anti-Kickback Defense
False Claims Act Defense
Facility And Program Licensure
Hipaa And Other Privacy Issues
Clinical Trials
Compliance Policy & Compliance Planning
Antitrust And Unfair Competition
Misappropriation Of Trade Secrets
Provider Operations
Provider Licensing Certification
Medical Staff Policy
Bylaws And Disputes
Full Spectrum Of Operational Issues
Consent And Bioethics
Medical Records And Confidentiality
Medical Staff Matters
Bioethics Panels
Medical Board Disputes
Preparing And Reviewing Policies
Peer Review
Quality Assurance And Risk Management
Medicare And Medicaid Certification
Accreditation Issues
Changes Of Ownership
Behavioral Health & Community-Based Care
Psychiatric Hospitals And Hospital Systems
Psychiatric Units
Behavioral Health Clinics
Community Mental Health Centers
Mental Health Rehabilitation Centers
Mental Health Centers
Residential Care Facilities
Private Social Service Agencies
Mental Health Care Practitioners
Consent and Standard Of Care
Regulatory Compliance
Risk Management
Contract Preparation, Review, Negotiation
Labor and Employment Issue
Strategic Planning
Business Transactions
Confidentiality Issues
Managed Care Relationship
Licensing and Certification
Compliance Planning and Enforcement
Professional Staff Relations
Fraud and Abuse Compliance and Defense
Provider Credentialing
Enforcement Defense
Initial Licensure
Change Filings
Addition Filings
Enrollment and Payment Issues
Medicare Audits and Investigations
Labor and Employment
Immigration Law
Certificate of Need and Health Planning
Medical Tourism

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